GRIFFIN RESOURCES, LLC was formed in 1985.

GRIFFIN RESOURCES, LLC is an independent oil & gas producer/operator based in Texas with a focus on developing & operating proven assets throughout Oklahoma and Texas. Integrity, efficiency, economic responsibility & a Christ centered approach remains THE mission to our working interest partners and royalty owners.

Bob Griffin
CEO - General Manager

After 20 years in Liberal Kansas with Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company and Anadarko Petroleum Corp., Bob resigned to accept a position with Arapaho Petroleum, Inc. in Breckenridge Texas.  Upon Arapaho’s decision to relocate to Denver, he elected to stay put. He worked in Production Management with WesMor Drilling in Graham, Texas and PETCO in Breckenridge.  He was then employed by Clyde Petroleum, LLP (a UK company), where he was ultimately named General Manager - US Operations.  Upon Clyde’s decision to cease US operations, he formed GRIFFIN RESOURCES, LLC.

Jeff Griffin
Petroleum Geologist
With a primary management focus over GR’s Texas production, Jeff D. Griffin has over 30 years of experience in exploration geology, exploitation geology and oil and gas production. His multi-faceted industry experience in all phases of exploration, drilling and production processes gives him a unique perspective on exploratory efforts.

Areas of activity in Texas include the Bend Arch, Eastern Shelf, Permian Basin, Ft. Worth Basin, Gulf Coast onshore and Panhandle of Texas. Consulting efforts in Oklahoma have been in the Golden Triangle and Sooner Trend. In addition to performing prospect/property review and generation, log and lease analysis, mapping both manually and digitally, he has also installed a secondary recovery project (waterflood) including facility design and installation, re-entries, drilling, wellsite geology, and completion of all wells. Bob’s oldest of 3 sons, Jeff graduated from Hardin Simmons University in 1983 and offices from the GRIFFIN RESOURCES home office in Breckenridge, Texas. Visit www.jeffdgriffin.com to learn more about Jeff D. Griffin.

Patrick Griffin
Field Operations/Oklahoma
Patrick’s operational management is focused to GR’s Oklahoma production spread across hundreds of miles from central Oklahoma northwest to the Panhandle with assets covering over a dozen counties. With over 20 years of field experience, Patrick oversees the daily operation of over 50 leases, multiple pumpers, and hands-on attention that continues GR’s mission to minimize overhead while maximizing production volumes for our working interest partners & royalty owners. Patrick also oversees GRIFFIN RANCH/Oklahoma. Bob’s youngest of 3 sons, Patrick graduated from Texas Tech University in 1991 and offices in GRIFFIN RESOURCES Oklahoma office in Hennessey, Oklahoma.

Mary Griffin
Office Manager
For over 30 years, Mary has handled many of GR’s administrative operations including joint interest billing & revenue disbursement, accounts payable & receivable, banking, taxes, software utilization & administration, state & federal regulatory reporting, Texas Railroad Commission reporting, along with client relations. Mary attended Hardin Simmons University, and is the wife of Jeff Griffin.

Jon Griffin
Asset Manager
After 30+ years in radio broadcasting from Lubbock to Dallas/Ft. Worth, Jon joined the GRIFFIN RESOURCES team in 2012. Jon’s primary duties involve assisting Bob in the day-to-day operations, client relations, division order analyst, insurance, state & federal regulatory reporting, production reports, banking and software administration. Bob’s 2nd of 3 sons, Jon attended Texas Tech University, resides in Irving, Texas & offices in the Breckenridge, Texas home office.